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BRANO GROUP a.s. (stock company) emerged when the company BRANO a.s. entered the stock company ATESO in 2000. The foundation stones of BRANO GROUP are now the companies BRANO a.s.,BRANOROS a.s. operating in Russian Federation, and minor members of the group – AFTERMARKET s.r.o., BRANOMARKET, s.r.o., BRANO SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. and DELTACOL CZ, s.r.o. HISTORY BRANO GROUP, A.S. The BRANO a.s. history... read more

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Purchase and supply Herein you can find terms of trade with company BRANO a.s., quality requirements for supplier and general information.. manual for ensuring quality of components procured by the company Brano Group, a.s. 11.11.2022 price list of lump sum compensations for expenses and damage to the concern Brano Group, a.s. 11.11.2022 Annex No. 2 - 8D Report ... read more


BRANO GROUP a.s. Executive Function BRANO GROUP a.s. BRANO a.s. Chairman of the board Pavel JUŘÍČEK Pavel JUŘÍČEK Procuration Jozef HODOR Member of the board Václav JUŘÍČEK Member of the board Lenka Zemanová Supervisory board Function BRANO GROUP a.s. BRANO a.s. Chairman of the supervisory board Miroslav MIKULA Member of... read more

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